Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miracle #3

 I've seen quite a few miracles in my life. 
This post is focused on 3 of the miracles
that bless my life everyday with joy, laughter and love.

After almost 5 years of trying to fulfill our dream of becoming parents-
hoping, praying, rejoicing, dreaming, crying-
(I'm usually a very private person so I don't think I'll share all the details, especially online, 
suffice it to say that I have a difficult time getting pregnant and 
a hard time staying pregnant.)
-we were blessed to meet one of the most wonderful, bravest girls-EVER!
The day Tanya entered our lives and our hearts, our family changed forever.
I love our Caleb so much and thank my Heavenly Father everyday
for him- our MIRACLE!

Not long after Caleb turned 1 I found out I was pregnant again. 
I was so excited, 
AND nervous that this pregnancy would end too early like the others,
AND hopeful that everything would work out and we'd be blessed with another baby in our family.
Other than 1 tiny scare at the beginning the pregnancy went well and 
our Brayden was born just a few days shy of 39 weeks. 
Once again our family was changed forever 
and I am so grateful everyday for this additional MIRACLE in our lives!

We were hoping that we would be blessed again with another baby soon 
after Brayden was born, but that was not to be.
After more visits to our Reproductive Endocrinologist
and a couple more diagnoses that decrease our chance of getting pregnant even more,
we were told that our best chance would be to do IVF.
At first I thought, "Ok let's do it! Whatever it takes!"
But then reality set in 
and we started getting nervous about all the medications I would have to take,
the emotional roller coaster involved with IVF,
and the cost.
So we decided that we should ask the ONE
 who would know for sure what we should do.
We prayed and fasted, 
and asked our family to do the same.
The ANSWER- We felt like we should try a medication we had tried once previously.
We were so excited when I got that positive pregnancy result a couple of months later.
Brian commented that we were starting 9 months of worry-
TRUE (I'm naturally a worrier!) 
but also 9 months of HOPE and DREAMING-
and GRATITUDE for this MIRACLE!!!


Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

YAY!!!!! Congratulations you guys!!!! Crossing our fingers and praying for you:)

Allen Family said...

Jenni, You are an awesome writer. Thanks for sharing. We're hoping all goes well

Jenny said...

How exciting! I hope all goes well and congratulations!
(This is Jenny Olson from your BYU married ward days ) :)