Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I have a TON of pictures that I would like to share
that tell the story of our family for the past 4 months.
BUT if I ever want to actually finish a post enough to publish it,
I'd better just stick with what is current.

My house constantly looks like a tornado passed through it,
or rather 2 tornadoes!
Brayden is now 10 months and LOVES to get into everything,

And if wasn't hard enough to keep up with him crawling-
Now he's walking!
And loving it as you can probably tell by the huge grin on his face.

I love this picture of the cute guy!
He's such a sweetie,
is all smiles
and takes his big brother's "loves" like a tough little man.
Caleb is 2 1/2.
That should say it all!
He loves playing outside-
the mud was just a bonus.

He loves wrestling with his dad.
(Even Brayden gets in the action.)

He loves doing "new tricks":
Jumping off the couch,
jumping on the bed,
(yeah there's a lot of jumping happening at our house)
and doing somersaults.

Look at those BIG smiles.
Got to say I love my life!
But then, who wouldn't when you have these cuties to look at everyday!