Wednesday, June 17, 2009


3 Things have happened this month
You can all probably guess the
Caleb is 11 months old!!
How can he be that old you ask?
I don't know-
I'm in shock myself!Although you can't see the customary 11 month sign in the above picture-
it was taken on his 11 month birthday.
Out of more than 30 pictures,
a couple of attempts at taking pictures
a couple of hours
this was the best one.
Well that brings me to the
He is walking!
He thought that sitting still while I was trying to take his 11 month pictures was

Can you tell what the THIRD THING is from the picture below?
Well, if you guessed riding a horse-
you are correct.
For those of you wondering how the above picture is a hint-
3 words
tight wrangler jeans!
(I found them in a box of clothes my sister Amy sent to me.
I was really excited because
I thought it would be really cute
for Caleb to look the part the first time he rode a horse.
They were too big,
length wise anyway,
but way too tight around the middle.
Talk about Torture!
So I took a picture and put them back in the box.)