Wednesday, March 23, 2011

feeling thankful

So the other day was one of THOSE days-

(Disclaimer: Actually in this pic all 3 boys were having a really good time.
Caleb decided he wanted to take the picture rather than be in it right before I took it,
hence the stressed out look on Brian's face as he tried to climb down on his own.
I just thought it portrayed how I feel some days rather well.)

both boys woke up too early,
neither napped very long,
and so both were clingy and very ORNERY.
Brayden didn't sleep very well during the night,
so I'll admit I was a bit tired and ORNERY as well.
The culmination of the day was a trip to the library that did not end well,
at all!
Just ask all the library patrons!
I was SO glad when Brian got home.
He's so awesome with the boys!

(Please don't misunderstand-
I absolutely LOVE being a mom to my boys,
and I wouldn't change my life for ANYTHING,
some days are just a little,
or LOT,
crazier than others.)

Yes, I realize I sound a little whiny;
and honestly I feel a little whiny
especially after reading this blog the next day.

It's not only an awesome giveaway
but also a celebration of a bravery that I truly admire
and admit that I severely lack.
Some days I 'm counting down the hours (10-12 hours) until my sweet hubby gets home,
let alone 7 months or longer.

After reading Jessica's story and being reminded of many other circumstances like hers;
I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to her
(and all other military spouses)
and her husband
(and all other military personnel)
for their sacrifice and courage to serve our country.