Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I can't believe my baby is ONE!!!
I guess the saying
time flies when you are having fun
is true-sigh.
is such a sweetheart and has brought so much
into our family.
I LOVE his adorable smile,
and just look at all that hair.
I guess that's one good thing about the helmet,
he's had very little hair loss.
Hopefully we'll be done with the helmet sometime in the next couple of months.

For Brayden's birthday we went to the park.

Here's the birthday boy in the swing,
honestly he enjoyed his stick a lot more!

Grandma A, Aunt Em, Uncle Mat and Uncle B and Addy
came to celebrate with us.

So, I pondered quite awhile what kind of cake I should make.
I am the first to admit that I'm not very creative,
and most of the time when I try to test my creativity,
I fail-miserably.
So you can probably understand why I was having a hard time deciding.
The day before the party, the "light bulb" finally flashed on.
I was sitting at the table, watching Brayden scarf strawberries and
voila the answer appeared-
strawberry shortcake cupcakes!!

What Brayden enjoys:
(besides strawberry shortcake of course)
Climbing on everything
Trying to run
(It's so cute to see him try to move faster
when being chased!)
Helping put the toys or clothes away.
(Of course he also enjoys pulling everything out to begin with.)
Playing in my cupboards.

He says "mama", "dadada", and "all done".
He can sign more, all done and drink.
And it's so cute to see him wave.

Got to LOVE this adorable little face!