Friday, May 2, 2008

Caleb Ray

We've decided to name the cute little guy Caleb Ray!
Ray is Brian's middle name, as well as the middle name of Brian's father and grandfather.
Can anybody guess why we chose Caleb?

Everything is going well. We ate dinner with Tanya and her family (very yummy lasagne!) on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to her next appointment on Monday.


So, a lot has happened these past few weeks. I guess one of the biggest changes is that we've moved. Yep, after 5 years we have left Provo. We are still in an apartment, but hopefully it will be just for a little while longer. We are trying to see what we think of the area as well as seeing if Brian can survive biking to his work (I agree that he's a little crazy, but he's determined!) Anyway, we'll see what happens. Hopefully it will end with us buying a home. One problem the move has caused is that we no longer have internet access-hence the reason why I haven't blogged for a little while.

Kind of a funny side note-the first thing that was set up in the new apartment was the crib. (Brian's parents bought us a crib and brought it with them when they helped us move the first night. They wouldn't leave until the crib was set up, although it was pretty late at night. Needless to say they are excited as well.)