Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3-a month ago

So Caleb turned 3-a month ago!
Wow, I'm quite embarrassed that it's been over a month
and I'm just now blogging, but better late than never.
I guess it could be worse-he could be turning 5.

July was a wonderful month.
It’s made me kind of wish that my birthday was in July as well.
After all, it’s only in July when you can celebrate with fireworks.
That has been a highlight of the month for Caleb.
Many nights we have found him looking for fireworks out his bedroom window
instead of going to sleep.
He also got to celebrate his birthday twice.

The first was at Grandma’s house over the 4th of July weekend.

He got to do a lot of the things he really enjoys:

Chocolate cake with strawberry toppings-his choice.
Riding horses

On his birthday we went to the zoo.
Yep, it was the dinosaurs that made the biggest impression-
for both boys!!
Oh, and the water ball!
Wherever water is found, there Caleb will be also-
soaking wet and probably muddy.
I really luv that you can see the water droplets flying through the air-
evidence of the fun both boys are having splashing.

Here's a few more cute pics of my boys:

Caleb and his play dough "snowman".

My 2 adorable boys-
so sweet
so fun!!!