Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun picts of Caleb

So this post is going to be just a few random but fun pictures of Caleb.
I thought this was an appropriate first picture!
Caleb loves sleeping on his boppy. (Oh how I wish he slept as well in his bed, though he's doing much better lately.) Look at this fun bed head! I love the expressions he makes when he is stretching after a nap! When we put Caleb in his bed we try to bundle him up so his flailing arms don't startle him while he's trying to fall asleep. Well, he does not like being bundled and most of the time wiggles out by the time his nap is over. This is how I found him a couple of days ago. Yes, our big boy is sitting up! Ok so he's propped up, but isn't he adorable!! He's all dressed up for the first time going to our ward.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family get together

Brian's family decided to get together to celebrate Caleb's 1 month birthday.
Ok, so actually his 1 month birthday happened to fall on the family reunion,
but it was fun getting together anyway.

Caleb wasn't the only baby at the cabin as you can tell by the picture below.
He has 3 cousins that are less than 1 year old.
Grandma holding Caleb (1 month) and Madison (10 days old)
Aunt Marilyn holding John (7 months old) and her grandbaby (Brian's oldest nephew's daughter) Lorelei (5 months old)

Everyone wanted to hold Caleb. I don't blame them-he is so much fun!
Unfortunately, I only have pictures of a few of them.
Cousin Elizabeth holding Caleb
Cousins Kimber and Kristin entertaining Caleb.
He is starting to smile and coo a little-it is so cute!
Caleb got to meet his first horse (no he didn't ride-I didn't dare).
Unfortunately he slept through it.
Thankfully Star didn't mind.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been a mother for 1 month!

I can't believe that Caleb is 1 month old!
Time has flown by, and I have loved every second of it!
I can't believe how fast he is growing-as of Aug. 11th he weighed
8 pounds 2 ounces.
I want to say, "Whoa, slow down time!" my little boy is growing too fast!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Caleb's first family reunion

First things first-a picture of Caleb!Yep, he's as cute as ever!
(Just in case you were wondering, his shirt says "Automatic Sprinkler".)

So Caleb enjoyed his first family reunion last weekend. It was a lot of fun spending time with my mom and my brothers and sisters, although everyone was a little bummed that Amy, Matt and Zachary didn't make it. Why do plane tickets have to cost so much? Well, Amy, even though you were missed, we had a lot of fun!
Friday night we went to Brandon's, ate dinner and just hung out.
Caleb finally got to meet his cousins. Ethan was especially excited and gave him lots of "loves" throughout the weekend.
Everyone was captivated by Caleb, even little Eliza.

Then on Saturday we went to Katie and Aaron's to eat breakfast and then we all headed to the zoo. I was a little nervous about taking Caleb, but he did amazingly well. I borrowed a sling from Jamie and he slept in it for most of the day. I guess we'll have to take him back when he's older, he missed pretty much the whole thing:)
This is what I saw one time when I peeked into the sling to see how Caleb was doing.
Caleb wasn't in the sling the whole time, though. This is him and his daddy enjoying some sling "free" time. (My 2 handsome boys!)
We all thought this picture was pretty funny. This gorilla was just lying there in the shade with a burlap bag under his head that he was using for a pillow.
After the zoo we headed back to Katie and Aaron's, all of us pretty bushed from a day walking around in the sun. Although everyone was too tired to go swimming, we enjoyed celebrating 4 birthdays.
Happy Birthday Bennet (you can see the back of his head in the bottom right corner),
Chloe, Troy and Aaron!
Sunday after church we once again gathered back at Katie's, ate lunch, and took family photos.A photo of my family minus the 3 sorely missed persons already mentioned. This is our second family photo
(the first was taken right after Caleb was born in the hospital.)
Don't I have the cutest family?
It was a marvelous weekend! The only sad part was it had to end!