Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Boys

I know it's been a LONG time
but I have a few free moments so
here's some cute pics of my boys
and we'll see when this happens again.

Brayden is such a little character!
He loves to climb and hang on EVERYTHING.
I am constantly amazed at how strong he is.

(A side note: November marked the beginning of some minor incidents requiring doctor intervention. Kind of ironic that the first incident occurred because we were following the pediatrician's advice. Because Brayden was climbing out of his crib she suggested we switch him to a toddler bed. So a few days later we went out and bought some bunk beds, although the boys are still in seperate rooms. Well the boys discovered that the crib mattress made a rather fun slide if propped up on the couch. They had a lot of fun UNTIL they decided to prop it up on a small dresser.
Brayden climbed up the mattress which slipped and, unfortunately, he hit his nose on the dresser on the way down. He ended up with 5 stitches.)

A few nights ago we put Brayden down for the night
and I was quite surprized by how quickly he fell to sleep
-Or so I thought.
About 20 minutes later I thought I heard some noises coming from his room.
When I opened the door I found not only the light on, but
THIS wonderful sight.

What you can't see is the other pile of clothes out of sight on the bed.

Now for pics of the other little character
-or should I say PIRATE-
in my life!
Needless to say he now knows what the letter R says.

Ok, now for the other incident.
I wasn't in the room when it occurred but from what Caleb said
he ran into the corner of the couch.
From what the dentist said he must have been running at full speed.

He pretty much shattered his right upper lateral incisor
and chipped his right lower lateral incisor and canine.
Unfortunately, the upper lateral incisor
was damaged enough that it couldn't be saved.
So here's the cute little boy with his gap-toothed smile
and the infamous couch corner.

Hopefully this month will be incident free!