Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adoption Paper Work is in!

Jenny turned in our adoption paper work today! We were amazed at how things came together for us. Our case worker was out of town and wanted to approve our photo collage and birth parent letter before we made the 20 copies for the other offices. But amazingly we emailed her everything and she emailed back and only had minor changes. We had a great ward member who did our photo collage on photo shop in exchange for us taking her and her husband out to dinner - there's no way we could have done all of that!Each photo collage page is a 8.5x11 inch picture. We also needed a 4x6 inch picture that represented us so we had our neighbor take this picture a few weeks ago.
I think with projects of this importance one can always find some flaw, but I'm happy with how things came out.
Here is our complete Birth Parent Letter (the online profile is just an adaptation of this document)