Sunday, March 10, 2013

My BIG, little brother

This post is mostly about my BIG, little brother Matthew. 
If you look at the pic below you can probably tell why I say he's my big, little brother.
Not that I'm a shrimp at 5 feet 8,
but at 6 feet 4 inches he has at least a couple of inches over everyone in our family. 

 These past 2 weekends have been pretty eventful for him.
Last weekend we headed to Boise, Idaho 
for the Idaho State High School basketball championships. 

We had so much fun.

(Caleb said this was his favorite thing to do.)
Got to love the hot tub bubble beards.
Addie, Caleb and Brayden in the hot tub.

We were able to go swimming Friday and Saturday morning. 
Brayden spent about 20-30 minutes in the big pool Friday morning before he started
turning into a blueberry, so we decided to spend some time in the hot tub.
Saturday morning he lasted 2 minutes before he got out of the big pool 
and headed for the hot tub all on his own.
I have to admit I wasn't very sad to leave the big pool when he did.

Matt and his teammates played really well and ended up getting 3rd place.
(What follows is a whole bunch of cute pics of my family and Matt,
if you can't wait to hear about the
SECOND exciting thing that happened this weekend-
skip to the end and come back and look at the pics later.)

Matt and his senior teammates.

Matt and the adorable Korey.

Matt and our gorgeous sis Em.

Matt and our awesome mom.

Matt and our sis Katie, her husband Aaron and daughter Addie.

Matt and our sis-in-law Paulina, adorable nephew Korey and brother B.

The whole crew!

So, they were giving out free chocolate milk at the games.
These 3 guzzled at least 2-3 bottles per game per child.
After the last game they went around collecting empty bottles from the bleachers.
Here is their collection.
And I wouldn't be surprised if this is how much they drank.

Ok, so the rest of the exciting happenings of these past two weeks-
Today Matt opened his MISSION CALL.
On the 26th of JUNE he is headed to the MTC and then to

I will miss him, but I know this will be a very special time for him.
What a wonderful example he is to me and to my boys.

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Holly Emerson said...

This post freaked me out! Matt and Emily were toddlers last time I saw them!!! I can't believe he's already going on a mission! Congrats, Matt!