Friday, November 8, 2013

an update, 2 dragons, a dalmation and...

  These past 8 weeks have been wonderful-
full of fun and laughter,
hugs and kisses,
and not much sleep.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Below is a pic of my cute family after Sam's baby blessing.
(I was hoping to get a pic of all of us in Sunday clothes,
but couldn't convince my older 2 to put them back on. 
Oh, well.)

(Brian's mom made his cute outfit.)

Caleb and Brayden 
are great helpers and they
baby Sam. 
(So, fun story. After the blessing, my brother teasingly asked Caleb and Brayden
if he could take baby Sam home with him. 
Caleb responded: "No. He's already been blessed to us.")

 Halloween this year was a lot of fun.
Some wonderful people lent us some adorable costumes-
3 musketeer costumes and 2 dragon costumes.
Unfortunately Caleb refused to wear his musketeer costume and chose instead to be a dalmation-though obviously he was fine keeping the sword.
So Brian ended up being the only musketeer in our family.
Perhaps we didn't have a matching theme-
but we had a lot of fun and each of my boys were so cute!!!

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