Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Happenings Part 1

July has been a pretty busy month.
It started with a
 My wonderful brother Brandon and sweet sister-in-law Paulina.
They are such a cute couple!
 My great siblings (yep all 8 of us) and my mom (she's the BEST!)
My family-they are so awesome!

We were at my mom's about 10 days preparing for the wedding and reception.
We worked hard and we played hard.
It was so much fun!

Here's the cake and everyone involved in making it.
My wonderful grandmother baked the cake, it was so yummy. 
I believe this is at least the 4th wedding cake she's baked for our family.
 I'm really happy with how the arch over the refreshment table turned out.
My mom, Paulina and I made it. 
I was worried that it wouldn't stay upright once we put the bottles on it,
but we must have done something right because it ended up being pretty sturdy
with the use of just a little wire.
I wish I had pics of the other decorations we did for the reception,
but somehow they are missing. 
Basically we hung up pictures of the bride and groom 
along with bottles filled with gerber daisies throughout my mom's yard.
It turned out really cute.

We were able to get some long overdue family pics taken.
Brayden wasn't very smiley, but then he had been diagnosed with a double ear infection the day before; and, as the wedding day progressed, it turned into a really nasty eye infection as well. 
Oh, well, I think they turned out really well considering.

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